what's new in the studio

What does it take to keep an artist and her studio up and running?  I’ll try to share that here . . . 

multi-tasking got the better of me

Aplolgies, it’s been a while since I’ve updated the studio ‘NEWS”

I promise, I’ve not been on the couch eating Bon-Bon’s and catching up with the soaps, I have been working on new things, and teaching LOTS, both in and out of the studio.  More soon, stay tuned!!

on pins & needles


Between teaching my think360ARTS gigs, classes in the studio, and creating works for my up-coming show at Plinth Gallery which opens on April 1st, I am keeping very busy!  We even managed to squeeze in an 8th Birthday party for Mia, my studio assistant, Andrea’s, little one.  Mia was practically born at the studio, Andrea was at February 2008’s First Friday, helping me like she always did and does, VERY pregnant, Mia was born 2 days later, and mother and child both attended and assisted in March’s First Friday!  Andrea and Mia have been with me ever since, both are part of the heart of the studio and very important people in my creative life and family!

All this craziness  kind of puts one on pins & needles many things poking and prodding, making sure they are not forgotten.  Every once in a while I let my mind wander to sidelines, like hmm what should I title this upcoming show?  I’m thinking: On Pins & Needles.


Pins - vintage hat pins, are an element of my Pin Head pieces, which really just started as an aesthetic . . . but in reality, they are a by product of my life and maybe also a symbol of reactions to my work at times. The pins, which embellish hand made little pin cushions can certainly remain just an esthetic, an element of function. However, these pins can also be a metaphorical element, speaking of the poking and prodding, the uncomfortable pricks of life. I am aware that my work brings an uncomfortable reaction to some viewers . . . I acknowledge this, but firmly stand by my reply that it is not something I am pursuing and that there really is nothing malice or dooming behind the creation of my work.  At the very most, I would say some pieces are a little melancholy. I always describe my works as simply being honest with our feelings some are happier than others, but all are valid life experiences, and as such, should be cherished.
One of the most common questions is why have you cut off their arms?  The truth is I never cut them off I just didn’t give them arms, and I didn’t because the pieces felt complete without them.  To me, these armless figures have a strength because of the lack of arms, it makes their torso and legs all the stronger, they are rooted, and balanced much more without arms than they would be with them.  Arms would simply make them dolls.

There’s a month and a half left to finish this new work for my show at Plinth, I’m really excited to show this new body of work, all slip cast and altered pieces!  Stay tuned for peeks here and there and please mark your calendars for Plinth’s opening on April 1st!!

lots going on in the studio these days

I hit the ground running in the new location on Ames, move in date was Dec. 1, Open Studio on Dec. 6th!  We’ve had a First Friday minishops for January and the new addition of 3rd Friday on 38th minishop as well!  Classes listed and run, including our new kidsCLAYdates!  And on top of it all, I’m running during the week for my think360 Arts workshops in the public schools (up to 4 schools a week sometimes!)  Even I think, “How the hell can I get anything else in my schedule??”  but guess what, I am having a blast creating new works for my upcoming show at Plinth Gallery which will open on April 1st!! I’m creating a new body of slip cast and altered works that is sooo fun!!  Stay tuned, here and also on my personal website: www.mariegibbons.com for more new images!


Hoarder? Me? kinda, yeah

After 10 years on 44th & Tennyson it happened . . . I’d reached the time and space that a move was the right thing to do, I found a great new space, not far from the old one, great open floor plan, PARKING!  YES OUR OWN PARKING LOT!!!  Our new address is 3735 Ames St, Wheat Ridge, CO 80212.  Its an easy — one block west of Sheridan, on the south side of 38th!  

Of course, it is so exciting . . . then, the realization that all my STUFF, stuff that I’d been accumulating, collecting, filling my little creative nest with eclectic inspiration — all that stuff, had to get sifted through, and packed up, and many trips to the new location to once again create a cozy, crazy, inspirational nest of creative nurturing. This was gonna have to also include some hard decisions of keeping and letting go! Overwhelmed is an understatement, but with the help of many friends, students, family I got it done, and am thrilled to say lightened the load -- although you wouldn’t believe it if I told you just how much STUFF I let go of when you see how beautiflly full the new space is with wonderfully inspiring things and stuff and it feels just like home!

So, yes, I admit it, I am a hoarder, of beautifully odd, and inspiring, things.  Things that when I look at them start to write stories in my my mind, that my hands must then complete in clay.  Things that spark ideas for workshops and classes, or that simply just make me smile to be around.  These things are like the jumper cables you make sure you have in your car, 'cause you never know when you might need a jump start.  However, I have also learned I need to temper my collecting, not let things continually accumulate without occasional  review and yes, letting go . . . and I’ve laid down some new rules that I need to follow . . . wish me luck!