Haven't you always wanted to join a club?  Well, MUDclub is your chance!

OK, we really don't wear bunny costumes, but we do play with clay, share out ideas and outcomes, & even a bottle of wine once in a while!

MUDclub runs in 10 week blocks, our clubbers select 7 of those 10 nights to come and work in the studio between 6:30-9pm on whatever their hearts desire.  This is a self-led situation, our version of 'open studio'.

FEE:  $125. gets you 7 nights, 2.5hours each night, use of studio tools, and firing of the work created.  (not to mention some great MUDDYfriends!)  
If you can't commit to 7 nights, there is a DROP IN OPTION, come when you can (space permitting) for $25. a night.  Clay is available for purchase in the studio.  

WE DO NOT GLAZE AT EVB STUDIO -- so, please be aware that we fire to cone 04 [suitable for low fire clay bodies]

How to know if MUDclub is right for you?  You need to be self-driven and have basic clay building skills.  There is no 'formal instruction' -- although there IS a group of amazing muddies that all have opinions and suggestions.